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Recent child support laws enacted in Michigan may affect you, whether you are divorced or were never married to the mother or father of your child or children. Talking with a child custody lawyer can give you a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities according to Michigan child support guidelines. The law firm of Charles D. Riley, Attorney at Law, in Flint, Michigan, handles all aspects of family law cases, including child custody and support.

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Child Support and Custody in Michigan

Ideally, your decisions about child custody should be based on your concern for your child's well-being and the strengthening of parent-child bonds. In reality, however, many noncustodial parents realize that their time with their children may affect the amount they pay in support. You may wonder whether you should seek joint physical custody in order to avoid paying child support. In fact, support is still likely to be a factor if you and the other parent have different income levels.

Although Michigan support guidelines are typically used to determine the amount of support each parent is responsible for, there are special circumstances that can be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Your child has a health condition, learning disability or other special needs that mean medical expenses for treatment or therapy should be considered.
  • You anticipate that your child will need braces or corrective surgery.
  • You or the other parent is disabled and therefore unable to work at the level that would otherwise be expected.

With the help of an experienced attorney, special circumstances can be presented to the family court in an effort to determine the support amount suited to your unique situation.

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