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Your divorce may entail complex legal issues, including division of retirement mutual funds and 401(k) savings. Many family law attorneys shy away from dealing with qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) and eligible domestic relations orders (EDRO).

The Flint family law firm of Charles D. Riley, Attorney at Law, offers experienced counsel regarding domestic relations orders for individuals as well as for lawyers who prefer to handle these issues in a co-counsel arrangement.

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What Is a QDRO?

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is required in a divorce in which benefits from one spouse's pension or retirement plan will be shared with the other spouse or a child when funds are disbursed. A QDRO is a technical document required by federal law. This type of order is required in many divorces, but few attorneys will draft a QDRO because it is so technical with many complex requirements.

What Is an EDRO?

An Eligible Domestic Relations Order (EDRO) is a court order that requires a retirement plan to pay a portion of an employee's retirement directly to the participant's spouse, former spouse and/or dependent children. EDROs are almost identical to QDROs, except EDROs apply to retirement plans provided by Michigan public employers, including the state of Michigan, city and county pension plans.

Marital Asset Division and Retirement Plan Division

Charles D. Riley, a Flint family law attorney with more than 20 years of experience will advise you from the first consultation on what your domestic relations order will most likely look like, regardless of who your employer is. Attorney Riley's uncommon experience and confidence in this area of divorce law is a valuable asset to Michigan citizens facing divorce and complex property division issues, including QDROs and EDROs.

Actions taken and decisions made during your divorce can have a lifelong impact on the financial well-being of both spouses. This is especially true when it comes to calculations used to determine asset valuation and property division, as stated in domestic relations orders.

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